Kitchen remodels are just about the best investment
a homeowner can make.

A simple up-date
can return an average
of 94% of your investment.



Residential Remodel


Choosing the Right Remodel Contractor

A good contractor will help you think your project through, start to finish. They should help you plan, outline your options, and discuss the improvements you can make within your budget. They should also help you analyze many details such as where electrical outlets should go, where storage room is possible, and many more vital remodel decisions.

Comply with local codes and permits. Most reliable contractors will handle the permitting process for you - making sure his work, and your project, meets all structural, electrical and mechanical requirements.

Provide a written contract detailing the specifics of your remodel, including materials, size, color, model, and brand name of products used. An approximate start dates and substantial completion dates should also be discussed. Prices, terms of payments and other details that assure the quality of your project should be spelled out

Before you consider hiring a contractor,
ask him these questions

  1. Bullet Do you carry General Liability Insurance?

  2. BulletHave you been operating this business successfully for at least 10 years?

  3. BulletLook in the Google business pages; does his business have a listing?

  4. BulletHave you done this type of project before?

  5. BulletDo you offer a written warranty on your work?