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-PA law requires persons performing radon services be certified by PA DEP


PA DEP #1893    

PA HIC # PA037494



"Lowering radon levels in your home requires special skill and technical knowledge." Our certified mitigation contractors follow strict quality assurance procedures, to assure you of getting the most accurate and reliable results  possible. Lowering radon levels in your home requires special skill and technical knowledge."

  1. HomeSafe radon systems are backed by a 10 Year Warranty.

  2. Most homes can be fixed for about the same cost as other common home repairs.

  3. Radon mitigation estimates with-in a 25 mile radius of our office

  4.  US EPA literature is provided free of charge.

  5. Our radon specialists are certified by the PA Department of Environmental Protection.

  6. HomeSafe technicians receive continuing education  from Rutgers University Radon Training Center.

  7. We are licensed and fully qualified to fix and prevent radon problems.

  8. Our goal is to help you choose the best treatment to correct your radon problem.

  9. With today's technology, even older homes, can be reduced to 2 pCi/L or below.

If you are building a new home, why not consider designing a passive system prior to construction.
Radon resistant new construction requires no electrical power. This is not a builder rough-in!
If you find that you need to activate the passive system your costs will be considerably lower.


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